Riffing on Writing - Episode #29 - Andy Crestodina

I have a confession to make.

Riffing on Writing - Episode #29 - Andy Crestodina

Riffing on Writing - Episode #29 - Andy Crestodina

I have a total brain crush on Andy Crestodina.  He's wicked smart, incredibly passionate about the content work that he does, and he knows how to make complicated and occasionally obtuse processes crystal clear. 

A conversation with him has made me a better and more strategically focused writer. 

True story. 

He is the co-founder and strategic director of Orbit Media Studios, a Chicago-based web design and development shop, and the author of Content Chemistry, a guide to content marketing that blends lecture and lab to make you a more agile and competent content marketer. 

Have I mentioned that he's really smart and witty? 

My copy of the book is already heavily dog-eared and marked up. I'm not nearly finished reading it, but I'll soon be posting a lengthy review here. I marked it up extensively during my flight to SxSW last week, and I carried it with me everywhere. 

A few housekeeping notes: the show is now on Stitcher Radio and iTunes, but I've been slowly digging myself out from under the pile of work I booked during my trip to Austin, so stay tuned for updated show links and graphics. I've also been quietly designing a new site for the podcast and hope to have that all up and running soon. 

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