Riffing on Writing - Episode #39 - Brad Farris

Riffing on Writing - Episode #39 - Brad Farris

Riffing on Writing - Episode #39 - Brad Farris

When I first started the Riffing on Writing podcast, I've always been interested in talking with people who approach the creative process and writing in much the same vein that I do -- writers, mostly. My previous guests have typically been content marketers or bloggers who used their skills as writers to build brands, start exciting new projects, and do amazing client work through their keyboards.


So what's it like for a non-writer to create valuable and relevant content? Brad Farris joined me this week to answer this very question. And if you're paying attention, we've returned to the Six Degrees of Gini Dietrich with this episode. 

Brad runs a successful business consulting firm in Chicago who had a special problem: he wanted to do this content marketing thing, but he came from an engineering and programming background. Writing creatively was difficult so he shared some of his strategies for keeping the content flowing while not losing sight of his primary responsibilities.  I'd say he's figured it out nicely - the Enmast site is filled with great small business advise and downloadable content chunks. 

You can see the excellent slide deck that Brad presented at one of Orbit Media Labs' Wine & Web events linked up below. 

Chatting with Brad reminded me that there's a side of creativity that we haven't fully explored - and we only need to look to our more analytic and process-driven friends and colleagues to see how they work inside the rails of their professions.  

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