I'm a big believer in the value of open and unadulterated dialogue - and this blog is no different. I don't moderate comments and welcome the opportunity to engage in healthy debate. However, what I absolutely do not and will tolerate are incendiary and inflammatory remarks directed at those who comment here.  Attacking another commenter is poor form and absolutely unwelcome. If you disagree with a position that I've taken or an opinion that I've expressed, challenge my conclusions. Ideas are open to attack and pointed criticism; poking around is what leads to discovery - which is absolutely the point and purpose of this exercise. Enthusiastically attack the idea but let's leave it there, shall we? Play nicely and respect others who feel compelled to comment here. If those rules seem oppressive, perhaps this isn't the place for you. In short, don't be a dick (courtesy of Wil Wheaton). As the owner of this blog and its content, I'm ok with being called to task and called unpleasant things but commenters are guests in my home - and I won't stand idly by if they are attacked directly.

And while we're at it: let's keep sexist, racist or otherwise demeaning language to a minimum. Otherwise, you'll be moderated and deleted as I see fit. I can promise that I'll be very creative in moderating.

Last updated November 2011

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